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Competitive Cheerleading Contract

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Parent/Guardian Name*
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Liability Waiver and Participation Agreement

Medical Authorization and Liability Release*

I authorize Kris' and its representatives to consent to medical treatment for my child when I cannot be reached to consent. I am fully aware that any activity involving motion, height, or athletic activities create the possibility of serious injury, paralysis, or even death. I further agree to hold Kris' and its staff harmless for any injury or resulting expense(s). I release and discharge all rights and claims against Kris' and its parties. Kris' strives to provide the maximum in safety and procedures and guidelines, and cannot assume responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or illness that may occur.

Parent Consent*

The athlete listed above has my permission to participate in Kris' program for the 2023/2024 year. In consideration for the training and coaching provided by Kris' and its staff, I understand that my son/daughter must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the coaches and staff. I understand that violations of any of these rules may result in removal from the classes and/or team. We acknowledge and recognize that hazards are present in any athletic event and that injury may result. Kris' coaches, staff, and volunteers will not be liable for injury that occurs during practice, competitions or travel to and from activites.

Financial Agreement

Financial Agreement*

- I understand and agree that tuition is due on the 1st of the month for the current month. So January tuition is due January 1st. Tuition is set up and automatically drafted through iclasspro each month. A valid card must be on file at all times.

- I understand that my uniform is a separate cost and cost is due on the date listed above in the fee schedule

- I understand that shoes are not included with my uniform. I will order them personally. All Star and Prep Cheer wear all black shoes.

- I understand that I am subject to a late fee charge of $25 after the 5th of the designated month and if my account is past due on the 10th of the month, my athlete will no longer be allowed to participate until my account is brought up to date. Excessive tardiness of payments will be grounds for my child not competing and possible dismissal.

- I understand and agree that as a parent signing this contract, that I am solely responsible for the Tuition, Travel Expenses, Uniform and Assessments as outlined in this packet.

- I understand if I leave the program prior to May 15th 2024, I am subject to a $250 buyout fee, plus monthly charges. This will be billed to the card on file at the time of departure from the program.

- I understand I have to work all meets hosted by Kris' or will be subject to pay a fee of $250 per child.

- I understand that I am not allowed to post a video of our entire routine on any social media platforms or send it to a parent or coach from a different gym.

Policy Agreement