Competitive Trampoline

Competitive Trampoline

A competitive trampoline team is a group of athletes who compete in trampoline and tumbling competitions at the local, regional, national, or international levels. These teams typically consist of athletes who are skilled in a variety of trampoline and tumbling techniques, such as double mini trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and power tumbling. Competitive trampoline teams typically practice on a regular basis in order to perfect their routines and prepare for upcoming competitions. In addition to practicing their skills and routines, competitive trampoline team members may also participate in strength and conditioning activities in order to improve their physical fitness and overall performance.


I hour of class per week. Level: Beginner. Basic trampoline & double mini skills are taught during this class. Routines are put together for competitions.

Team II

2 ¼ hours of class per week. Level: Novice and Intermediate. Routine passes put together with 2/3 somis. Athletes focus on Fronts (tucks & pikes), Backs (tucks & layout), and Baranies (tucks & layouts). Double Mini- Novice (3passes) Intermediate (3 passes)

Team I

2 ½ hours of class per week. Levels: Sub Advanced, Advanced, & Elite. Routine passes put together with multiple somis. Focusing on twisting frontwards & backward and double skills. Once athletes have mastered sub-advanced and advanced, they move on to qualify as Elite Athletes.

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