Competitive Tumbling

Competitive Tumbling

These programs are for athletes ages 3 & up. At practice, tumblers work on tumbling and/or trampoline skills and also use stretching, drills, and exercises. All Team classes include conditioning to improve strength and flexibility. The team compete several times per year in Illinois and the athletes can also qualify for the National Championship. The location of Nationals varies from year to year across the US. These athletes work on more advanced skills and pass as they improve. We encourage any athlete to take part in team classes. Team students are required to take part in classes year-round. Our teams teach your child values that they can take with them in all aspects of life. All Team classes meet 2 times per week.


This class meets for 3 hours per week.  It includes Sub-beginner, Beginner and Advanced Beginner levels.  It is dedicated on building skills in tumbling, trampoline and double-mini.

Team II

This class meets for 5 hours per week. It also teaches skills in tumbling, trampoline and double-mini.  This specific team is for Sub-Novice, Intermediate and Sub-Advanced levels.

Team I

This team meets for 5 hours per week as well.  They are building onto the skills they obtained in the team 2 class. This class is for athletes in the Sub-Advanced through Elite levels.


This group of athletes meets for 9 hours per week.  The athletes in this class are in the Sub-Advanced through Elite levels as well.

Kris’ competitive tumbling program is the only studio in central Illinois that offers the athletes the ability to compete for the USTA & USAG organizations.  Our top-notch staff is trained in coaching athletes at the international level. They have coached athletes who earned the chance to compete in Russia, Bulgaria and more!


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